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our idea

We started printing t-shirts because we couldn't find a local shop that we could afford. High minimums, unthinkable prices, and lead times that we couldn't understand.

We opened our first shop in 2008 with the idea of providing custom tshirts at low quantities, low cost, and without the use of harsh chemicals that are so common in the industry. It would be the “Positive Approach” to tshirt printing. We printed everything by hand & in house and this made us proud. There was nothing fancy happening behind the scenes back then. But we had so much support, which meant the world to us. We started with a small clientele of bands, local support and some start-up equipment in our parents basements. 

Since opening, we have expanded twice. Our shop makes its home in the west side of buffalo, now part of the growing community on Connecticut Street. We have upgraded our equipment to include an 6 color manual press and an 8 color automatic press. Although our operations are set up for large print runs, we still have a very low minimum.We print for many local companies and brands, as well as international corporations, national touring bands, fundraisers, and events. 

OUR Values


We believe that the quality of our products has lead us to where we are now. Our company model is based on customer referrals. If our quality suffers, our company suffers. Quality is at the center of our entire process - from proofing to packaging. 


Our customers and support mean everything to us. We hope to provide an exciting, easy, insightful, and pleasant experience during the ordering process. We want our customers to know exactly what they're getting and how it was done from start to finish. This is why we have opened our shop so you can see production first hand. 


We believe that to be a trusted company, we need to show that we are dependable. This means being able to give you exactly what you want, within a reasonable time. If we cant deliver, we will be sure you know well in advance. 


Trends in printing and garment styles change all the time. This is why we stay updated with the top brands and best printing processes. If you need an ink that we haven't used before, you bet we are going to do our research and try to make it happen for you. 


We started this company mindful of the damage screen printing chemicals could cause to the environment. It felt like our responsibility to change this. We searched for environmentally friendly products made by eco-conscious companies.


Customer Service

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